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About Us

It has been over 60 years since India got independence from British. And the same number of years mark the Indian occupation in Kashmir. A known paradise on earth, now turned into a living hell. Over 100 thousand Kashmiris have been killed so far, over 10,000 have disappeared. Scores have been physically disabled, mothers abused, sisters molested and the long story goes on.

BUT now the tide is turning, Kashmiris, in particular Kashmiri youth are up and demanding their birth right, The Right to self-Determination. The fresh fight began in June 2010 and is continuing.Ever since Kashmir has lost over 115 lives, mostly of teenagers in their pursuit for seeing the dawn of total freedom.

Freedom Writers is a place where common Kashmiri voice will be heard. The voice against oppression and brutality, the voice of Freedom! With the turmoil in Kashmir reaching its Zenith, huge number of blogs were made, articles written and views shared. We aim at providing a common platform to these blogs, articles, posts and views thereby generating a much common and much strong feeling about the oppression in Kashmir. We aim at a World consensus on Kashmir's Freedom!!!

This page is dedicated to make the whole world aware about the ongoing genocide in Kashmir. This page belongs to Kashmiri Intellectuals, bloggers and writers who with others strive for one common goal: FREEDOM

We are Freedom Writers!!!

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