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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Kashmir we dream of…(Part 2)

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Under a democratic system if you have people like Hitler in majority then there is nothing much you can do, then the killing of 1 million Jews and endangering the whole world is all inevitable... if two-thirds parliamentarians even vote in favour of something as inhumane as ‘Gay and lesbianism’, then it is bound to become a law which will be enforced by the judiciary. If the two-third Indian parliamentarians are in favour of a worst kind of state terrorism against unarmed Kashmiri youth then what else can you do other than watching as a mute spectator? It is thus manifest that under the shade of ‘equality’, ‘tranquillity’ and ‘freedom’ democracy sets out the worst form of a social and political set-up, Mehdi Siddique continues...
The demand of ‘Azadi’ is not as threatening as the demand for ‘Azadi barah-e-Islam’ to India and world community by and large. Islam is something synonymous to ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism’ for them. While others amongst them who know what Islam really stands for try to negate it deliberately just because they can’t see their notorious designs shrinking. Islam as they rightly understand means the complete end of oppressions of all kinds; it takes out an individual from the slavery of man and brings all humanity under the rule of their real master, Almighty God.

Anti-Islamic forces were always there in search of some opportunity to malign Islam, 9/11 gave them a perfect prospect. As if this was why 9/11 took place, one wonders. The post 9/11 era saw the full scale Islam maligning, any one seen even wearing a skull cap was labelled a terrorist, people were locked up in jails just because they had beards and placed their trousers above ankles! So much anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim was written that even Muslims started viewing the Islamic way of attiring as something ‘extremism’ and all! The liquidation of faith which had already engulfed Muslims in many ways now boomed in new century. Things like ‘Islamic state’ and struggling for it were nullified; chapters on Jihad and Ribaat were thrown out of Islamic study curriculum. Any one seen as uttering something in favour of ‘Islamic state’ was immediately labelled as ‘extremist’, ‘fundamentalist’ and even a ‘terrorist’ by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This is where we stand today, a call for an Islamic state is seen something as a call to world war III!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Kashmir we dream of…(Part I)

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Mehdi Siddique sums up as to how India has no legitimacy to consider Kashmir as its 'integral' part 

Kashmir continues to make itself hear on a Global level. But the propellants of tranquillity, liberty, peace, justice and freedom have always turned a blind eye when it came to Kashmir. Partly because many don’t even consider the freedom struggle to be legitimate stating that it is the integral part of India, many try to keep themselves aloof of the ‘mess’ seeing their interests in a developing global economy, India. Many get infuriated when they see people chanting ‘Azadi barah-e-Islam’ and ‘Nizam-e-Mustafa’ like slogans and many prefer to stay away just because it is not in their bread and butter!

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